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1957 Establishment Property Management Division was established in 1957 and initially known asGovernment Accomodation Office) that focused on handling government affairs only at that moment. The Government Accommodation Office is also responsible for managing Guest Palace Building and Malaysian House on Jalan Ampang that are entrusted to accommodate government guests from abroad. The initial establishment started with 10 staff headed by a Chief Executive Officer.
Current Establishment Function The Government Accomodation Office then managed Government residents mostly British officers who worked for the United Nations, Colombo Design, WHO and UNESCO.
  Current Establishment Asset In early days of the establishment, most Government houses such as messes and chalets were located around Lake View, Jalan Venning, Jalan Spooner, Bukit Bintang, Jalan Lumba Kuda and Jalan Ampang.
  Original Office Building The first office was located in Jalan Belanda, and was later moved to Jalan Club where the Bank Negara building now stands. Subsequently the office moved to Jalan Abdul Rahman Government Office Complex.
1960 Change of Name to BPBK To fulfil the needs at that time, a few sub units were established: Office Space Unit, Resort Unit and Development Unit. The office by now were known as Bahagian Pengurusan Bangunan Kerajaan or BPBK.
1974 1 Feb 1974: Perintah Am Bab E This order was implemented to allocate BPBK’s responsibilities through the Supervisory Committee on Government Property. It was determined that all Government Departments would be placed in reasonable and suitable buildings. This was only applicable to land and sites for Government offices and quarters in the Federal Territory and Petaling Jaya areas.
1976 Developing Holiday Homes Development of resorts by BPPK first began in 1976 with the construction of resorts in Port Dickson and Morib.
1982 Expansion of functions Roles and responsibilities increased particularly related to the needs for development and management of office spaces. Originally the authority was limited to the Federal Territory and Petaling Jaya but later expanded to cover the whole of Malaysia under the General Circular Letter No. 3 in 1982.
  Strengthening the role of development Management of construction projects for Government offices, be it shared or special department buildings were planned for and streamlined by BPBK. This division identified suitable sites for Government building development projects which were built by JKR.
  Pengukuhan Peranan Perancangan (Rumah Biasa Kerajaan, Rumah Peranginan, Rumah Rehat VIP) Starting from 1982, BPBK played a more active role in planning for ordinary Government houses, resorts and VIP resthouses by carrying out land acquisition. BPBK was in charge of determining whether to use existing Government-owned or to acquire privately-owned land.
1989 Second Office Building BPBK moved from Jalan Abdul Rahman Government Office Complex to Jalan Raja Land Office.
1991 Third Office Building In October 1991, BPBK moved to 5th Floor, Federal House, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur.
1996 BPBK changes name to BPH The name BPH came into effect in 1996. Officially, BPH moved to the Putrajaya Federal Government Administrative Centre on 4 October 1999.
2019 Current operation Now, the Property Management Division runs its is operation operates at the Central Government Building Complex F, Block F6 , Lebuh Perdana Timur, Percint 1, 62000 Putrajaya, Putrajaya Federal Territory.
Property Management Division
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