Rumah Tamu is a temporary accommodation for the use of federal and state Public Service officers and staff:

  1. Accommodation for newly appointed officers and staff while their placement arrangements are being carried out by the Ministry/Department;
  2. Accommodation for newly appointed or transferred officers and staff while they are waiting for a rented house or quarters;
  3. Accommodation for officers and staff who are posted outside of their area of residence;
  4. Accommodation for participants of programs organized by the Ministry/Department/Government Agency;
  5. Accommodation for family members of officers and staff visiting Putrajaya (for officers and staff serving in Putrajaya); and
  6. Temporary accommodation for quarters occupants who have experienced a disaster (e.g. fire) that renders their quarters uninhabitable.

Numbers of Rumah Tamu


Eligibility to Apply

Federal and State Civil Servants

Rental Rates

RM 20 - RM 150

Rumah Tamu

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Additional Info

Rumah Tamu facility is managed by the Seksyen Pengurusan Rumah Peranginan di Bahagian Pengurusan Hartanah starting on July 1, 2009. Currently, there are a total of 37 units Rumah Tamu consisting of two (2) Semi-D type Terrace House units located in Presint 11, Putrajaya, 1 terrace house in Labuan and the rest are 3-room apartments located in various locations.

Rumah Tamu Putrajaya

Rumah Tamu Jalan Ang Seng

Rumah Tamu Tanjung Kupang

RPP Management
Property Management Division


Sapian bin Mohd Arshad

No. telefon

03-8091 8562


Property Management Division
Prime Minister’s Department

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